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hand forged from 950 silver / matt polished / oxidized to make the details pop

large natural polychrome (desert) jasper 28x28mm 

13mm wide hammerd ring band

US ring size 7.9 (under FAQ you will find a ring size chart)

the desert ring.

SKU: 0063
  • Polychrome jasper is silicified volcanite. It is known for its beautiful earthy colors that often resemble landscapes or abstract patterns. The blaze of color is inexhaustible and each piece is unique, no two are alike.

    Polychrome jasper is a stone that is strongly associated with the fire element and embodies passion, liveliness and creativity. It is strongly grounding, centers and stabilizes energies that deepen and strengthen your connection to mother earth.

    A ring that is definitely something special because of its size, but also because of its beautiful stone. A real statement on your hand.

    Made with love.

  • All of our jewelry is lovingly hand forged and handcrafted, made of silver and natural stones. No two pieces are exactly alike. As a result, they live by their beautiful, imperfect ways. It is precisely these small imperfections that give handmade things their unique expression.

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