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It all started in 2017 in a city called Rishikesh in northern India.

There we fell in love with the silversmith's craft.


Billy was the one who found the place called Ganga Jewellery School. He took a day class and came here every day for almost two weeks after that.

Absolutely enthusiastic and in his element.

In the end we both decided to take a two month course to learn and practice all the basics of the craft.


This is how our story began. We have been following our passion ever since.


We believe in the craft.

Traditional skills.

Real handcrafted unique pieces.


The work we create for Bräutigam & Zaugg is strongly influenced by our adventures, the things we like to surround ourselves with. The things we see that touch our hearts. The arts and crafts of different countries, people and communities. Nature in all its beauty - magical colors, patterns and designs.


We mainly work with recycled silver, which we treat and process ourselves.

During our travels we started collecting gems. Opals are definitely one of our favorites. But as you can imagine ... stones! An infinitely fascinating world. You will always find new ones and each stone is a little storyteller in itself. Some of our jewelry designs start right here, with the stories they carry.


Everything you find on our page is created by us in our small studio in Spiez / Switzerland on our workbenches.


Bräutigam & Zaugg are our last names.

This is us.

Lovers, adventurers, partners.


Nice to have you here!

Immerse yourself in our world with us.


nora & billy 

(bräutigam & zaugg)

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