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hand forged from 950 silver / matt polished

hand stamped textures 

4mm flat wide band 

natural turquoise 

US ring size 10.2 (under FAQ you will find a ring size chart)

the calchihihuiti ring.

SKU: 0028
  • The indigenous peoples of South America, the Maya or the Moche in Northern Peru, for example, worshiped turquoise as a protective stone.

    Hardly any other mineral has achieved such importance and distribution as turquoise in the jewelry production of the oldest world cultures.

    A beautiful rectangular cabochon of slightly sky blue turquoise in reddish brown matrix. Hand buffed for a matt glow. Half round 4mm stamped band.

    Certainly also suitable for a man's hand.

    Made with lots of love.


  • All of our jewelry is lovingly hand forged and handcrafted, made of silver and natural stones. No two pieces are exactly alike. As a result, they live by their beautiful, imperfect ways. It is precisely these small imperfections that give handmade things their unique expression.

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