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hand forged from 950 silver / high gloss polished

patterns sawn out by hand

1.2 ct Ethiopia welo Opal

diameter 48 mm

the opalus.

SKU: 0017
  • Being healthy means having beautiful patterns. 

    Every living thing has patterns. In the shipibo cosmo - vision (the shipibo-conibo are an indigenous tribe along the ucayali river in the amazon rainforest of peru), the universe is made from sound. The designs are the medicine and the songs of the plants. The plant spirit teach them to us and show us how to heal illness and how to help people. 

    We are deeply in love with the shipibo patterns. We love for what they stand for. That every living being has its own pattern and individual patterns together make up the great pattern of the cosmos. The elaborate decorations are intended to remind us that we are all part of one big whole. 

    Even if it is not the tradition of our part of the world, it is something that we carry in our hearts and let it flow into our jewelry.

    This pendant is real handmade. Every detail is hand sawn with tons of love & sweat. In the middle we added a welo opal with a beautiful play of colors for some extra magic.

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