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hand forged from 950 silver / matt polished

10mm wide band with handstamped details

natural Mintabie opal / South Australia

US ring size 5.3 (under FAQ you will find a ring size chart)

the kaleidoscope series.

SKU: 0074
  • "Of all precious stones, it is opal that presents the greatest difficulties of description", writes Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder in Natural History. "It displaying at once the piercing fire of carbunculus (ruby), the purple brilliancy of amethystos (amethyst) and the sea-green of smaragdus (emerald), the whole blended together and refulgent with a brightness that is quite incredible."

    Because of their enigmatic color, opals have been associated with rainbows, butterflies and hummingbirds in tradtional folklore.

    A simply designed ring made of an interesting mix of a wider ring band with a few small stamped points around the stone house and a delicate, beautiful Mintabie opal from South Australia.

    Made with lots of love.

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